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Enhancing Gas Transmission: Sui Northern Gas Milestones

Despite operational challenges, Sui Northern Gas has made notable strides toward improving gas transmission and distribution in several regions. Enhancing Gas These efforts have also significantly strengthened infrastructure and operational capability.

Networks ExpansionEnhancing Gas

One key achievement was successfully completing distribution networks in Lahore East and West within an incredibly short period of six months. This expansion has been instrumental in boosting the accessibility and reliability of gas supply to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in this vicinity.

Increasing Input Sources Enhancing Gas

Another outstanding accomplishment is assimilating four new input sources: SMS Kasur, Ferozepur, SMS Barki, and SMS Dial. This has consequently increased the number of input sources from three to seven, leading to a significant rise in the overall capacity and resilience of the gas supply network.

Infrastructure Enhancements Enhancing Gas

Sui separated its networks in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to achieve better performance. This move will help streamline operations, making managing and maintaining issues for gas distribution systems within these urban areas easy. Moreover, this installation along the Kashmir Highway is critical because it’s targeted at increasing pressure through supply augmentation, which will cater to rising needs within these highly populated locations.

Addressing Low-Pressure Issues Enhancing Gas

In high-demand zones like the Red Zone and Blue Area around Islamabad city, where low-pressure problems have always existed, new lines with diameters of 24 inches and 18 inches have been laid, respectively, solving the persistent low-pressure issues.

These infrastructural upgrades enable consumers residing within these locations to have ample continuous flow, thus enhancing their ways of life in the business environment.

Project Completion Ahead Schedule Enhancing Gas

Sui Northern Gas significantly demonstrated its commitment to managing the delivery of vital infrastructure improvements by finalizing the projects ahead of schedule. Initially intended for a December 2024 deadline, the company completed these milestones by June 30.


The recent achievements of Sui Northern Gas depict its determination to enlarge and modernize Pakistan’s distribution in Pakistan. We have surmounted the current operational challenges by strategically expanding, integrating new input sources, and meticulously upgrading infrastructure while efficiently positioning for future demands. In addition to improving operational efficiency, such accomplishments significantly affect the entire economic and social growth in the areas they serve.

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