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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Crucial Update for TikTok Users Creating ‘Fake Videos’

The administration of the most popular and concise video social media application, TikTok, has stated that it endeavors to prevent the spread of false information and videos on the platform.


In this regard, during an interview, TikTok’s Head of Operations Trust and Safety, Adam Presser, stated. That now labels will be placed on TikTok videos containing content sourced from AI.

TikTok Update

According to a statement by a global newsagent, the TikTok government wants people to be able to differentiate between reality and fiction.TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media outlets, with almost one billion active users, including many youthful people. Despite the conditions in many governments, stays famous worldwide.

They said images, videos, or audio prepared with artificial intelligence that closely resemble reality must be labeled.

TikTok’s AI-generated videos already have such labels. But digital watermarks will now also be applied to videos prepared by other platforms.

Adam Presser, representing TikTok, stated that astonishing creative opportunities have emerged with AI technology, but it can also confuse viewers.

They stated that labeling AI content will inform users that these videos are not real. They said that Content Credentials. A form of digital watermarking technology, will help determine when content was created or edited using AI technology.

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