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Boosting Pakistan-Iran Trade | Shared Border Opened!


Boosting In a major bid to improve trade relations between Iran and Pakistan, two joint border points have been opened for one whole day. This is deemed as an important step towards deepening economic bonds and promoting more collaboration among these countries.

Diplomatic Endeavors

Pakistan’s ambassador, Madathar Tipu, actively pursued efforts to strengthen trade relations with Iran in Tehran. His diplomatic initiatives have paved the way for increased trade opportunities and collaboration between Islamabad and Tehran.

Official Announcement

Ambassador Muhammad Madathar Tipu announced on the official account that Pakistan has decided to keep the Mirjawa-Tuftan. And Rimdan-Gabd border crossings open for 24 hours. This strategic decision aims to facilitate seamless border crossings and promote trade exchanges between the two countries.

Continuous Accessibility

Both border crossings will remain open for trade throughout the week, day and night. This initiative will likely witness a surge in the exchange of goods and the expansion of economic opportunities between Islamabad and Tehran.

Importance of Mirjawa Border Crossing

Mirjawa border crossing is the most crucial border passage between Iran and Pakistan. Located 12 kilometers from Mirjawa city and connected to Taftan city in Pakistan.And Zahedan in Iran, it serves as a vital link through the railway line, connecting Iran with Pakistan and beyond.

Significance of Rimdan Border Crossing

Rimdan border crossing, also known as Rimdan-Gabd border, is another important passage between Iran and Pakistan. The Rimdan border terminal, situated in the Dashtyari district of Sistan and Baluchestan province, is approximately 120 kilometers from the port city of Chabahar.

Bilateral Discussions

On April 23, when President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran visited Pakistan. The two countries stressed the significance of mutual border security and energy project cooperation, among other things, thus showing their dedication to enhancing bilateral relations and regional harmony.

The decision to allow two border posts connecting Iran and Pakistan to operate all day is a major move towards improving trade ties. And fostering closer economic cooperation.Both states demonstrate their commitment to creating shared wealth within their territories and beyond. This idea has great possibilities for unleashing more avenues of friendship between these two nations, which already enjoy warm relations.

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