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Balochistan 3 Prisoners Escape, 3 officer Arrested

At Duki, Balochistan, there was a recent incident at the Sub-Jail where three prisoners escaped, and three police officers were subsequently arrested for negligence. According to police reports of theft and robbery cases, all three prisoners who fled have been detained at the Sub-Jail in Duki Police Station for the last three months.

The Station House Officer (SHO) Duki, Jalil Marri, briefed with more details, stating that the sub-jail housed 13 prisoners yesterday. Typically, authorities remove these prisoners from their cells after morning roll call and place them in a washing room area. Ismatullah, Kabir, and Sadiq broke free from their confinements during this period. Reports indicated that Ismatullah and Kabir had connections with Pishin, while Sadiq hailed from Ziarat.

Immediately after the prison break, authorities initiated a thorough search to locate and arrest these fugitive detainees. Pishin and Ziarat are under intensified pressure to trace them to trace them, focusing on known associates and suspected hideouts.

In response to this incident, authorities have taken action against those responsible for the security lapse. Negligence on duty charges have been levied upon three police officers, including the warden; they failed to ensure proper confinement for these inmates who took an opportunity to escape. Their legal proceedings are underway as investigations continue into their escape circumstances.

Subsequently, people have been calling into question whether authorities put enough measures in place. Especially considering that some prisoners are criminals. The incident further raises questions regarding staff levels, personnel training, and maintenance of security infrastructure within prison premises.

Residents and community leaders say the occurrence has worried residents for public safety reasons. Requiring immediate action to prevent it from occurring again and prevent future escapes. People have thus demanded that authorities institute stringent security procedures across all correctional facilities. The district should avoid repeating such incidents.

As the escaped prisoners are still on the run, we must remain alert. Ismatullah, Kabir, and Sadiq are still considerable; anyone who knows where they are should report to the authorities.

This incident has reminded law enforcers of the problems in keeping people securely confined and ensuring the integrity of jails. It demonstrates how vital it is to be careful and follow security procedures. Cases like this will not happen again.

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