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Wheat Scandal: Influential Figures Exposed by Chan

In an exclusive interview with ARY, senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Nadeem Afzal Chan stated that the government inquiry into the wheat scandal is a lollipop. If the investigation into such a significant scandal were fair, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would have already taken action by now.

farmers’ organizations Wheat Scandal

Nadeem Afzal Chan mentioned that they are holding meetings with farmers’ organizations to submit a joint request. He noted that there are attempts to suppress the wheat scandal, but they will not let it be buried. They have prepared a draft of the request, which they will submit to NAB or the court, making themselves the plaintiffs.

Chan revealed that influential individuals, including bureaucrats and technocrats, are involved in the wheat scandal. He asserted that if any politicians were involved, they would have been silenced by now. Given the magnitude of the wheat scandal, NAB should have taken suo motu notice.

Revolutions Always Have a Writer Behind Them Wheat Scandal

Nadeem Afzal Chan also commented on the founder of PTI, stating that they gain encouragement through elections and other means. Wheat Scandal Now, people realize every revolution has a writer behind it.

Nawaz Sharif Caused His Downfall 

The PPP leader remarked that Nawaz Sharif was a senior politician who caused his downfall. A person’s exit should be spectacular and impactful, but this was not true for Nawaz Sharif. He blamed the poor exit on Nawaz Sharif’s own mistakes and those of his advisors.

Chan pointed out that in the latter part of his life, Nawaz Sharif could not become the Prime Minister again. He is no longer active in politics, and as party president, he holds little influence. His daughter or brother is now handling active politics.
In the interview, Chan further mentioned that joining the cabinet with the PML-N is challenging for the PPP. The party will discuss the decision regarding the cabinet and then decide how to proceed.


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