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Top 10 Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers: Expert Tips

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It’s a thoughtful gesture to give a coworker a farewell present when they’re moving on, whether it’s for a new career, retirement, or just a new location. Finding the ideal Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers might be difficult, but the effort is worthwhile.

Why Goodbye Gifts Matter

Importance of showing appreciation: A gift can convey gratitude, showing that you value the time and memories shared. It serves as a token of gratitude and can leave a lasting impression.

Strengthening work relationships: It’s crucial to keep in contact with previous employees, even if they are moving on. One step in that approach might be a thoughtful gift.

Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

Things to Consider Before Buying

Personal preferences: Always consider the likes, dislikes, and hobbies of your coworker.

Budget constraints: You don’t need to break the bank. Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are simple and heartfelt.

Relevance to the occasion: Ensure that the gift suits the reason for their departure, whether it’s a new job, retirement, or personal reasons.

Best Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

Here is the list of the top 10 Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers that you can offer:

1. Personalized Desk Items

Think of customized calendars, nameplates, or mugs. They’ll remember you whenever they use them. Personalized desk items are not just thoughtful gifts; they’re daily reminders of your special bond and appreciation. From engraved pens to custom mousepads, these unique touches make their workspace truly their own.

goodbye gifts for coworkers

2. Memory Scrapbooks

Compile photos, notes, and other memories that reflect your coworker’s journey in the organization. Memory scrapbooks are heartfelt tokens of appreciation, capturing the beautiful moments and milestones that have woven your coworker’s story into the fabric of the organization. These personalized keepsakes celebrate their unique journey and the lasting impact they’ve had on the team.

Memory Scrapbooks

3. Office plants

A low-maintenance plant like a succulent can be a constant reminder of the growth and nurturing environment they were a part of. Office plants, especially low-maintenance varieties like succulents, serve as living symbols of the nurturing environment they’ve contributed to and a reminder of the ongoing growth and positivity within the workplace.

goodbye gifts for coworkers

4. Inspirational books

A good book can inspire and guide them as they venture into their next chapter. Inspirational books have the power to ignite their imagination, fueling their aspirations and illuminating the path forward. They are the compass that guides them through the uncharted territories of their next exciting journey.

goodbye gifts for coworkers

5. Gourmet gift baskets

Who doesn’t love a basket filled with delicious treats? Tailor it to their taste. Gourmet gift baskets are a feast for the senses, a personalized collection of delectable delights carefully chosen to indulge their unique palate. With each bite, they’ll savor your thoughtful gesture and the flavors of appreciation.

goodbye gifts for coworkers

6. Digital gift cards

If you’re unsure about their preferences, digital gift cards from popular online stores can be a safe bet. Digital Gift Cards offer the versatility of choice, letting them select the perfect item or experience that truly resonates with their desires. It’s a gift that ensures they’ll get exactly what they want, wrapped in the convenience of their preferences.

Digital gift cards

7. DIY farewell kits

Put together a kit with essential items and fun goodies for their next adventure. DIY farewell kits are not just a thoughtful parting gesture but a tangible representation of your good wishes. Packed with essentials and personalized goodies, they’re a heartfelt send-off for their exciting journey ahead.

DIY farewell kits

8. Engraved jewelry or accessories

Personalized bracelets or cufflinks can be cherished keepsakes. Engraved jewelry or accessories add a touch of elegance and sentimentality, transforming everyday items into cherished keepsakes that serve as a constant reminder of your connection and appreciation.

goodbye gifts for coworkers

9. Workshop or course subscriptions

Support their continuous learning by gifting them a course or workshop subscription in their field of interest. Workshop or course subscriptions are the gift of knowledge and personal growth, providing them with opportunities to expand their skills and passions in a meaningful way. It’s a gesture that fosters their lifelong learning journey.

Workshop or course subscriptions

10. Farewell letters and cards

Sometimes, words can be the most touching gifts. Write a heartfelt note or gather letters from the team. Farewell letters and cards are like treasured time capsules of shared memories and warm wishes, offering a lasting connection that transcends physical distance. Whether it’s a personal note or a collection from the team, these heartfelt messages become timeless reminders of the bonds forged during their time with you.

Tips for Personalizing Goodbye Gifts

When it comes to goodbye gifts for coworkers, personalization is critical. If you know their favorite author, get them a book by that writer. If they love cooking, a cooking class or a unique kitchen gadget would be appreciated. Tailoring the gift to the individual shows that you put thought into their gift.


Choosing the right goodbye gift for a coworker reflects the warmth and camaraderie shared over the years. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend but the thought and sentiment behind the gift that counts.

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