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Top 10 Best Push Ups for Upper Chest

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Push-ups can be your best friend in the quest for a well-defined upper chest. These versatile exercises target the pectoral muscles and engage the shoulders and triceps. To assist you with accomplishing that etched upper chest you’ve generally wanted, we’ve organized a rundown of the leading Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest. Whether you’re a beginner or a carefully prepared wellness enthusiast, these activities will move you closer to your wellness objectives.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

Here a list of the Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest.

1. Traditional Push-Up

The classic push-up is an excellent starting point. Start in a plank position with your hands separated by your shoulders. Your body should be lowered so your chest is on the floor, then push back up.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

2. Incline Push-Up

Find an elevated surface like a bench or a step. Place your hands on the high character and perform push ups. This variation targets the upper chest more intensely. Elevated upper body push up, easier variation, targets lower chest.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

3. Decline Push-Up

This push-up involves placing your feet on an elevated surface, such as a bench, and your hands on the ground. It shifts the focus to your upper chest and shoulders. High foot push-up variation increases the difficulty, emphasizes the upper chest and shoulders, engages the core, and requires balance and strength.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

4. Diamond Push-Up

Form diamond shape with your hands directly under your chest. This push-up emphasizes the inner chest and triceps. Hands close together forming a diamond shape, push-up variation targets the triceps and inner chest, increases the difficulty, and demands stability and strength.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

5. Wide-Armed Push-Up

Push-up with hands positioned wider than shoulder-width. Engages chest muscles more, reducing triceps involvement. It increases pectoral activation, enhances chest development, offers variation, and demands balance and strength.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

6. Plyometric Push-Up

Add explosiveness to your routine by pushing off the ground with enough force to lift your hands off momentarily. This engages the upper chest and improves power. Explosive push-up, launching hands off the ground, builds power strength, requires coordination, and challenges muscles.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

7. One-Armed Push-Up

Challenge your stability and strength by performing push-ups with one hand behind your back—alternate sides for balanced development. Push-up using one arm challenging builds strength and stability, engages the core, and demands a balanced technique.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

8. Archer Push-Up

In this variation, one hand moves out to the side while the other performs a regular push-up. It’s an excellent exercise to isolate one side of the chest at a time. One arm extends, mimicking bow drawing, while the other bends, push-up variation, strength, and balance.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

9. Clapping Push-Up

Similar to the plyometric push-up but with a clap in between repetitions. This explosive move enhances chest muscle explosiveness and coordination. Explosive push-up and clapping in mid-air builds power and requires strength and coordination.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

10. Spider-Man Push-Up

Combine a push-up with a knee-to-elbow movement on each side. It works your upper chest and engages your obliques and core.

The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

Now that you have a comprehensive list of the top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest. It’s time to incorporate them into your fitness routine. Remember, consistency is critical to achieving the best results.


Elevate your chest workout game by incorporating these Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest. Tailor your routine to your fitness level and gradually increase the intensity. A well-defined upper chest enhances your physique and improves your upper body strength.

FAQs For The Best Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Chest

While push-ups are effective, it's essential to incorporate a well-rounded chest workout routine for the best results.

Most of these variations can be done without equipment, making them accessible for home workouts.

It's not necessary. You can choose 2-3 variations for each workout and rotate them to keep your routine fresh.

Visible results typically appear after a few weeks of consistent training, but individual results may vary. Patience is key to achieving your fitness goals.

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