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How to Turn Off RTT on Android Devices: Step-by-Step Guide

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Understanding RTT on Android

Real-Time Message (RTT) is a creative component on Android gadgets that permits clients to send instant messages progressively during a call. This feature is exceptionally gainful for people with hearing or discourse impedances, working with smoother correspondence. In any case, not every person might find RTT helpful, and some might like it. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough on how to turn off RTT on Android, ensuring you can customize your call settings to your preference.

How to Turn Off RTT on Android

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Off RTT on Android Devices

  • Accessing Call Settings

Open the Phone App: Launch the Phone app on your Android device to Start. This is regularly tracked down on your home screen or application cabinet.

Explore to Settings: Tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then select “Settings” to access the menu. You will be taken to the call settings menu, where you can modify various options by clicking this.

  • Locating RTT Settings

Find RTT Options: Scroll through the call settings menu until you find the RTT settings. The exact location strength differs depending on your Android version and device manufacturer.

How to Turn Off RTT on Android

  • Turning Off RTT

Disable RTT: Once in the RTT settings, you will find an option to turn off RTT. Toggle the switch or select the option to disable RTT for all calls. Confirm your choice if prompted.

Advanced RTT Management

  • Customizing RTT for Individual Calls

Some Android devices allow users to decide on a per-call basis whether to use RTT. This option is usually accessible directly from the call screen, offering flexibility in communication.

  • Understanding Compatibility

It’s important to note that RTT functionality and its settings differ across carriers and Android versions. Ensure your device supports the customization of RTT settings as described.


Real-time text (RTT) is a valuable feature for those who need it, but not everyone may want to keep it active. Whether for personal preference or streamlining call settings, turn off RTT on your Android device is straightforward. Following the steps summarized in this guide, you can easily manage RTT settings and tailor your device to suit your communication needs better.

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