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How to Remove Pivot Table: Ultimate Guide to Removing

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Pivot Table Deletion

Turn Tables in Succeed are solid devices for summarizing, breaking down, investigating, and introducing your information. They assist with getting a handle on massive datasets, permitting clients to zero in on unambiguous areas of interest. There may come a time when a turn table is not generally required, or you wish to clear your worksheet for a new information investigation. Knowing how to remove a pivot table effectively becomes essential.

How to Remove Pivot Table

Understanding Pivot Tables

Before jumping into the evacuation cycle, it’s fundamental to comprehend turn tables. The Succeed highlights permit clients to revamp and sum up chosen sections and columns of information in a calculation sheet to get an ideal report.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Pivot Tables

  • Identifying the Pivot Table

Locate the Pivot Table: Explore the worksheet containing the turn table you wish to eliminate. Click anyplace inside the turn table to enact the PivotTable Tools on the ribbon.

Removing the Pivot Table

  • Using the Ribbon: With the pivot table selected, go to the ‘Analyze’ tab under PivotTable Tools, find the ‘Actions’ group, and click ‘Select’> ‘Entire PivotTable’, then press the delete key.
  • Manually Deleting: Click on the corner of the pivot table to select the entire table, then right-click and choose ‘Delete’ or press the delete key on your keyboard.

How to Remove Pivot Table

Advanced Pivot Table Removal Techniques

  • Clearing Pivot Table Data Without Deleting the Structure
  • If you wish to keep the pivot table structure for future use but remove its current data:
  • Go to the ‘Analyze’ tab, and click ‘Select’> ‘Clear All’. This action keeps the pivot table structure but removes its data and fields.

Removing Pivot Table and Associated Data

To altogether remove a pivot table and its source data:

First, delete the pivot table using the steps above, then locate the source data on your worksheet or your workbook and delete it.

Tips for Managing Pivot Tables

  • Reusing Pivot Tables

Consider reusing pivot tables for similar data analyses in the future. You can change the data source and adjust the fields instead of creating a new pivot table from scratch.

  • Organizing Pivot Tables

Organize workbooks with multiple pivot tables by naming each pivot table appropriately. This can be done under the ‘Analyze’ tab in the ‘PivotTable Name’ field.

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