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How to Do Snipping Tool on Mac: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’ve traversed the enchanted realm of Mac, you’ve likely pondered the intricate dance of capturing screenshots or weaving spells to harvest specific screen fragments. While the Windows world has its Snipping Tool, Mac possesses its enigmatic version, concealing an array of hidden wonders. In this truly unique, step-by-step guide, we embark on an incredible journey to unlock the mysteries of mastering the Snipping Tool on your Mac.

How to Do Snipping Tool on Mac

Unmasking the Mac Snipping Tool

Before we dive into the arcane arts, let’s unveil the veiled essence of the Mac Snipping Tool. Officially known as the “Screenshot” tool, it resides clandestinely within your MacBook, designed to demystify the sorcery of screenshot capture and to enchant your visuals with an array of fascinating edits.


Step 1: The Ritual of Activation

To commence your mystical sojourn with the Snipping Tool, let’s embark on the ritual of initiation:

  1. The Keyboard Incantation: Begin your journey by invoking the sacred combination of Command + Shift + 5 on your mystical keyboard. This magic serves as the key to summoning the Snipping Tool into your presence.
  2. The Portal of the Launchpad: Alternatively, you can access the Snipping Tool by venturing into the mystical “Launchpad” icon residing in your dock. Here, you shall seek the “Screenshot” inscription and proceed to unveil the concealed artifact.

Step 2: Choosing Your Sorcery

Once you’ve gained entry into the cryptic lair of the Snipping Tool, you’ll encounter a menu that resembles a tome of magical choices, all offering unique spells:

1. Capture the Entire Realm (Full-Screen Conjuration)

  • To capture the essence of your entire realm, delve into the incantation of “Capture Entire Screen.” With a mere utterance, your whole world shall be encapsulated within a screenshot.

2. Capture the Chosen Enchantment

  • For those seeking to capture a specific enchantment (window), the “Capture Selected Window” spell beckons. The Snipping Tool shall bestow a shimmering aura upon the chosen enchantment, and a single utterance of the incantation shall complete the capture with mystical precision.

3. Capture the Focused Glyph

  • To attain the highest echelons of precision, the “Capture Selected Portion” incantation awaits your call. With your mouse as your wand, click and weave the magic to select your desired portion. Release the mystical mouse button, and your screenshot shall manifest with unparalleled precision.

Step 3: Unveiling the Tapestry of Spells

Upon capturing your treasured screenshot, a mystical thumbnail shall manifest in the lower-right corner of your screen. This thumbnail serves as the gateway to a realm teeming with Snipping Tool spells:

1. Enchant and Annotate

  • The Snipping Tool unveils a collection of arcane annotation tools, allowing you to conjure shapes, inscribe mystical text, illuminate with highlights, and bestow various enhancements upon your screenshot.

2. Save and Share Your Elixir

  • With a mere whisper to the “Save” or “Share” spells, you can entrust your masterpiece to the digital ether or seamlessly share it with fellow conjurers.

3. Crafting Your Snipping Incantation

  • The enigmatic “Options” incantation permits you to fine-tune your Snipping Tool spellwork. Here, you may adjust settings like the mystical default save location and imbue your spell with a timer delay to suit your magical inclinations.

Step 4: Preserving the Magic

With your incantations complete and your screenshot masterpiece ready, seal your enchantment by whispering the “Done” spell. At this juncture, you shall be granted the honor of selecting the vessel in which to store your captured magic.

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