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Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

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Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts Whether you’re interested in learning about cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, or how to start and build a digital firm, the podcast landscape is brimming with fantastic content; the tech bubble has been raging for years, and there are no signs that it will slow down soon.

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

Why Listen to Tech Podcasts?

Latest Trends

Tech is evolving at a rapid pace. One minute, we’re amazed by foldable phones; the next, we’re contemplating the ethics of AI. How do you keep up? Tech podcasts often delve into the newest advancements, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Expert Interviews

Have you ever wondered what tech gurus like Elon Musk or Tim Cook are thinking? Many tech podcasts bag interviews with such stalwarts, giving you insights from the horse’s mouth. It’s like attending a tech conference without the expensive tickets!

Diverse Perspectives

Tech isn’t just about gadgets. It’s about people, cultures, and how they intertwine. Podcasts often offer varied viewpoints, from the coder in Silicon Valley to the user in rural India. Talk about getting a 360-degree view!

Top 10 Tech Podcasts

1. The Vergecast

One of the flagships of The Verge, this podcast covers the week in tech news. They don’t just report—they debate, analyze, and often predict the future. Remember when they talked about VR being the next big thing?

2. Accidental Tech Podcast

The Accidental Tech Podcast will likely interest you if you want to learn more about cybersecurity cryptocurrencies or how to start and grow a digital business. There are no indications that the tech boom will soon end it has been going strong for years. With its simple premise of “three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters,” The Accidental Tech Podcast is like having a great conversation with your closest friends about current hot topics in the tech sector. Episodes address technological issues like e-readers, Apple devices, and phishing schemes. The content in the landscape is excellent.


Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

3. Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

YouTube tech sensation Marques Brownlee hosts this podcast, balancing gadget reviews and interviews with tech biggies. And with Marques’s unique style, it’s like chatting with a friend who knows much more about tech!

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

4. Clockwise

Imagine discussing four tech topics in just 30 minutes. Sounds intense? That’s Clockwise for you. With changing guest panellists, it’s fast, fresh, and always on the clock!

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

5. The CultCast

For the Apple fans, The CultCast dives deep into all things Apple. From the latest iPhone to Apple’s business strategies, it’s all dissected here.

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

6. Windows Weekly

Need to be included, Windows users? Fret not! This podcast brings the latest from the world of Microsoft. It’s like having a weekly catch-up with Bill Gates (well, not really, but close!).

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

7. The Upgrade by Lifehacker

Tech meets life. How do you upgrade your life with the latest in tech? This podcast explores just that. It’s tech applied to real life.

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

8. This Week in Tech

Considered by many as the granddaddy of tech podcasts, TWiT covers, as the name suggests, the week in tech. With varied guest appearances, it’s always a fresh take.

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

9. Reply All

Reply All will undoubtedly satisfy your podcasting needs and more, according to The Guardian, which termed it A podcast about the internet that explores modern life and how to survive it while always remaining wholly distinctive. This program explores the internet’s wild, uncharted west from all directions. Watch regular shows that cover subjects, including Bitcoin, the TikTok algorithm, and election hacking.

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener

10. Daring Fireball

This is not just another tech program; John Gruber hosts it. It’s a profound exploration, frequently with in-depth critiques and insights. Have you ever considered the underlying principles of a software update? Well, you might know!

Top 10 Best Tech Podcasts for the Modern Listener


Now that you have ten tech podcasts to enjoy during your commutes, workouts, and running errands. Focus on one or all of them to fully immerse oneself in technology. Who wants to be anyone other than the most intelligent person in the room? I’m the most informed.

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